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My name is Jula and I am the creator of No Kid Woman. Born in India, I was mostly raised in the States. My family is both Indian and Catholic, an interesting combination.  There’s only about one percent of us on this planet, so we’re not about to dominate the world.

Catholics are known for their natural family planning methods which have often resulted in the birth of seven or eight kids in some households. And Indians are known for popping out the babies too, as there are currently 1.34 billion of us on the planet. But here I am, living a childfree life. How did I get here?

My Story in a Nutshell

When I was young, my parents said that family is everything. My father often said to me “wait until you have children” and then I would magically understand.  I guess he was implying that I would finally know what my parents went through.  In other words, having a kid = sacrifice.

Having survived our sex education class called “Christian Womanhood” when I was a teenager, I was terribly shy of boys and ended up marrying my first kiss. I was twenty-four years old when I walked down the aisle wearing a bright orange persimmon colored sari.  Five years later, we divorced. Fortunately, we did not have a kid together and we don’t have to worry about custody battles or child support.

I did not expect to be in this position in my thirties, but that’s how my life unfolded.

Fast Forward to Now

I have now been together with my current partner, a man who grew up in Germany. Both of us have been talking about marriage and the potential about having kids, but I have often wondered about whether a traditional path is really the right one for me.

I love our freedom and our spontaneity and I don’t want our relationship to change. Having kids is a huge life altering responsibility and of course there is no going back! And not many people take the decision seriously.  I am tired of the pressure and expectations that society has put on me as a woman. I can still be feminine by not having kids. There are plenty of people out there who are either choosing to be childfree or life just handed it to them.

I care about the world we live in and  how many resources we are using. We also are not just “kid haters.” In fact, some of the best childless people make the greatest aunties and uncles.

A Blog Dedicated to Happy, Childfree Living

Being a writer, I have been given a talent for using words. And as a networker who loves connecting with people, having a blog is a perfect way to reach out to others who may feel the same as I do.  Hope you enjoy the content of this website and join in the conversation. I would love to break through some of these taboos and stereotypes and create a more accepting world for the childfree life.

On this website, you will find many stories from other women who have chosen this path. But it’s also a place where I share my thoughts and observations on creating a fulfilling, happy life. You’ll also find little stories, anecdotes and memories.

What Else Would Like to Know?

I learned to swim when I was nineteen. I love to swing dance with my partner. My favorite childhood food were strawberries.  I love hiking, taking our dog Timmy to the beach and singing to the radio.



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