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Here is a guest post from Cheryl Janis, a woman who consciously chose to be childfree. She currently lives with her partner in Sebastopol, California. Be sure to check out her website for her business Cheryl Janis Designs.

As a child growing up in the 70’s, I never thought about being a mom. My own mom was a bohemian artist living in Los Angeles & moved us around a lot to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and different parts of L.A. where art and creativity were in full swing. I was more focused on getting settled in each new place and trying to make new friends.

When my older sister got married and had 3 kids, I helped raise them and was a big part of their lives. I got to be the doting Auntie to them (especially my adorable niece) and I loved it. I took them to every new Disney film, played games with them, took them swimming, to the beach and other really fun stuff. I still never thought about having my own.

When I was married in my 20’s, both my (ex) husband and I thought we were too young to have kids and too busy running our furniture business. And then one day while walking on the beach in La Jolla (where we lived at the time), I felt the energy of a young Indian girl come into my mind & my heart. At that moment, I was convinced one day I would adopt a young girl from India. Some years after my divorce, I had the awareness that the little Indian girl was really me — my inner child. From then on, I was committed to nurturing my own inner child.

In subsequent years through my 30’s, I ran several businesses and became a big advocate of my own self-care & well being to balance my very overstimulated life. I got a divorce, became a dedicated yogi and started my own business doing Feng Shui Design & Color Consulting to help others create peaceful, nurturing & balanced spaces.

At the age of 39, and after a few long years in therapy, I met my beloved Philip who was 6 years my junior. He too, had been divorced and also didn’t want any children. As much as we both love babies and kids, it was an easy decision to not have any of our own. We love our time together and creative time to pursue activities that interest us. We also loved our cats and dog and continue to spend time doting on our pet family.

At this point on our lives, we see ourselves growing old together with our beloved animals without raising human children. We continue to enjoy seeing babies when we go out and connecting with their angelic presence. That makes us happy and now, more than ever, we enjoy those moments without any regrets about our decision.

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Photos Courtesy of Cheryl Janis.

Jula Pereira

Jula Pereira

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